Pedicab Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a pedicab ride in New Orleans? Anywhere! Call us about 10-15 minutes before you need a pick up in the French Quarter, CBD, Warehouse District, or Marigny. With additional notice, we can arrange rides from Uptown, Lower Garden District, Bywater, and MidCity.

How do I flag down a pedicab? Yell, whistle, or wave! Otherwise, feel free to call our dispatch at 504-891-3441, we will send a pedicab right to your location.

Can I call anytime and have a pedicab pick me up in New Orleans? Yes!!! Call anytime, day or night. On the busiest nights in New Orleans we operate 24 hours a day. We begin everday by 9:30am.

How do your pedicab drivers find my location? You tell them your address, or intersection.

Are pedicabs safe? Pedicabs are extremely safe, they are equipped with running lights, brake lights, reflective paint, and hydraulic brakes.

Are pedicab drivers trained? Pedicabs drivers take a drug test, a physical, federal background check, a safety training course, and go through an extensive pedicab operations training.

Are your pedicab drivers friendly? Our Pedicabbers are wonderful ambassadors to the city, regardless of whether you want a ride, feel free to go up to our knowledgeable riders and ask them for recommendations or directions! We would be happy to help!

How much are pedicab rates? Pedicabs rates are set by the city and are equal to $5 for the first 6 blocks and $1 per block after that per person. If your ride is of a significant distance our drivers will most surely give you a discount

Can I hire pedicabs for special events in New Orleans? Yes, we do everything, including 2nd lines, parades, weddings, and pub crawls. We can operate anywhere in the city. Please call us at 504-891-3441 to get the rates for your special event

Are pedicabs available for New Orleans Saints and Pelican games? Yes, we service the Superdome and Arena on all game days! Look for the yellow bikes, we are absolutely the quickest form of transportation on big event days.

Do you operate during Mardi Gras? During Mardi Gras we operate 24 hours a day! Call us!

How exactly does a pedicab wedding work? Our bikes will arrive about 10-15 minutes before you need us, and we will shuttle all wedding goers from the church or reception to their final destination with all the rides being paid for in advance.

Do your riders drive all the way to Uptown/Bywater/Midcity? Yes we do.

Should we take a ride? ABSOLUTELY!!! It will be one of the best experiences you have in New Orleans!!